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Configuring the Quantum Open vSwitch Plugin

Support for provider networks being added via https://review.openstack.org/#/c/11388/ significantly changes the configuration of the Quantum openvswitch plugin. In addtion to supporting the provider extension (see https://blueprints.launchpad.net/quantum/+spec/provider-networks), the openvswitch plugin now also can use multiple physical networks for VLAN tenant networks. This page is intended to provides guidance for testing and using this plugin until the admin guide and content on openvswitch.org has been updated.


A number of terms will be used in this page (and in the plugin configuration) with very specific meanings:

  • virtual network - A Quantum L2 network (identified by a UUID and optional name) whose ports can be attached as vNICS to Nova instances and to various Quantum agents.
  • physical network - A network connecting virtualization hosts (Nova compute nodes) and other network resources. Each physical network may support one or more virtual networks.
  • tenant network - A "normal" virtual network created by/for a tenant. The tenant is not aware of how that network is physically realized.
  • provider network - A virtual network adminstratively created to map to a specific physical network in the data center, typically to enable direct access to non-OpenStack resources on that network. Tenants can be given access to provider networks.