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Revised on: 1/9/2015 by Smaffulli

Presentation Title

Anvil: a set of python scripts and utilities to forge raw openstack into a productive tool!

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Proposed Abstract

We will present an overview of anvil[1]: a set of python scripts and utilities to forge raw openstack into a productive tool. Anvil is a tool like devstack that can build/install/test openstack environments for developers but can also build packages from that same environment for later deployment using the build packages. Not only does it build the openstack core components but it also does a robust analysis of their dependencies and builds those (if they are not available) as well.

Anvil is used at Y! and at other companies for dev, build, test, package. It would be very useful to explore other features that would be useful and propose a path for integration of anvil into the public CI system (possibly as a system similar to smokestack).

[1] https://anvil.readthedocs.org/en/latest/


Name Title Bio
Joshua Harlow Programmer Dude, Yahoo! Joshua Harlow is one of the technical leads on the OpenStack team who has helped OpenStack gain initial and continued traction inside Yahoo!. He was a member of the initial CTO subteam investigating IAAS solutions where OpenStack was chosen and has been pushing OpenStack from the start of its usage at Yahoo!. Joshua has helped lead or start anvil (along with other folks) which is a tool to build the OpenStack components into a useable package format (among other things). He is the second top contributor to cloud-init where he helped add in RHEL support (as well as do a large amount of refactoring) which has helped cloud-init gain more traction/usage/popularity/distribution support and features. Cloud-init is the main way OpenStack instances (and EC2 instances) perform first-time (or repeated) boot initialization and is likely something you are using everyday. Joshua has been involved in OpenStack since 2011 and has contributed patches to most of the core projects (with the hope of contributing many more patches soon).
  • Joshua comes from NY where he obtained an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Clarkson University and a masters degree in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology. He hopes to make OpenStack more scalable (tens of thousands of servers), reliable, predictable and recoverable. He also strongly believes that OpenStack has the best chance of beating Amazon at its own game.
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