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Keystone admin_token_auth use by default causes insecure operation


A Keystone setting intended for use only during initial installation is often left configured in its default value by OpenStack deployers.

An attacker could gain administrative access to the Keystone API by providing the string "ADMIN" as a token.

Affected Services / Software

Keystone, Folsom, Grizzly, Havana, Icehouse, Juno, Kilo, Liberty, Mitaka


The Keystone service supports an authentication middleware called "admin_token_auth". This provides a simple token for accessing the Keystone API and is intended to be used only for the initial setup of Keystone, allowing the deployer access to the Keystone API which can be used to setup appropriate Keystone administrator accounts.

The "admin_token_auth" method is configured through the keystone-paste.ini file. The token for the "ADMIN_TOKEN" that this method validates against is set in the keystone.conf file.

Some deployments copy these files from the example versions and use them unchanged. This means that some production OpenStack clouds may have "admin_token_auth" enabled and "ADMIN_TOKEN" set to the default value of "ADMIN".

It is likely that OpenStack deployments using the default Keystone configuration files are vulnerable to exploitation by an attacker who accesses the API using a token of "ADMIN".

Recommended Actions

Use of "ADMIN_TOKEN" for bootstrapping Keystone deployments is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Deployers are encouraged to bootstrap Keystone using the 'bootstrap' feature of the keystone-manage CLI tool:

 $ keystone-manage bootstrap --bootstrap-password s3cr3t

Existing deployments should remove the "admin_token_auth" middleware from the API pipelines in keystone-paste.ini.

begin bad keystone-paste.ini snippet

   pipeline =  [...] token_auth admin_token_auth json_body [...]
   pipeline = [...] token_auth admin_token_auth json_body [...]
   pipeline = [...] token_auth admin_token_auth json_body [...]

end bad keystone-paste.ini snippet

begin good keystone-paste.ini snippet

   pipeline = [...] token_auth json_body [...]
   pipeline = [...] token_auth json_body [...]
   pipeline = [...] token_auth json_body [...]

end good keystone-paste.ini snippet

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