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Glance allows sharing of images between projects without consumer project approval


Glance allows images to be shared between projects. In certain API versions, images can be shared without the consumer project's approval. This allows potentially malicious images to show up in a project's image list.

Affected Services / Software

Glance, Image Service, Diablo, Essex, Folsom, Grizzly, Havana


Since the OpenStack Diablo release, Glance allows images to be shared between projects. To share an image, the producer of the image adds the consumer project as a member of the image. When using the Image Service API v1, the image producer is able to share an image with a consumer project without their approval. This results in the shared image showing up in the image list for the consumer project. This can mislead users with roles in the consumer project into running a potentially malicious image.

The Image Service API v2.0 does not allow image sharing between projects, so a project is not susceptible to running unauthorized images shared by other projects. The Image Service API v2.1 allows image sharing using a two-step process. An image producer must add a consumer as a member of the image, and the consumer must accept the shared image before it shows up in their image list. This additional approval process allows a consumer to control what images show up in their image list, thus preventing potentially malicious images being used without the consumers knowledge.

Recommended Actions

In the OpenStack Diablo, Essex, and Folsom releases, Glance supports image sharing using the Image Service API v1. There is no way to require approval of a shared image by consumer projects. Users should be cautioned to be careful when using images from their image list, as they may be using an image that was shared with them without their knowledge.

In the OpenStack Grizzly and Havana releases, Glance supports the Image Service API v2.1 or later. Support is still provided for Image Service API v1, which allows image sharing between projects without consumer project approval. It is recommended to disable v1 of the Image Service API if possible. This can be done by setting the following directive in the glance-api.conf configuration file:

enable_v1_api = False

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