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Transform every legacy notification to the new versioned notification framework.

How to do it


The master is now open for Ocata so work can continue.

Please use the https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/versioned-notification-transformation-ocata topic for the transformation commits

The burndown chart is updated hourly from gerrit https://vntburndown-gibi.rhcloud.com/index.html . You can see what to transform and what to review there.

There are three types of transformations:

  • category: instance-payload: The easy ones that uses the same payload as instance.delete
  • category: extended-instance-payload: The complex instance.<action> notifications that needs payload extension.
  • category: specific-payload: The rest that needs specific payload

If something doesn't show up on the burndown then please ping gibi on IRC.

Follow up tasks