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Nova/Newton Release Schedule

Dates Overview

Nova roughly follows the general release schedule.

  • April 18: bug spring cleaning day
  • June 2: newton-1, non-priority spec approval freeze
  • June 30: non-priority feature freeze
  • July 15: newton-2
  • July 19-21: Nova Midcycle
  • July 28: freeze for python 3 and mox removal work
  • Aug 4: priority spec approval freeze
    • Abandon newton specs in Gerrit that have not been moved to the ocata directory in the nova-specs repo.
  • Aug 22-26: final non-client library release (oslo)
  • Sept 2: newton-3, final python-novaclient release, FeatureFreeze, Soft StringFreeze
  • Sept 15: RC1 and Hard StringFreeze
  • Oct 7, 2016: Newton Release

OpenStack wide tracking of current progress: http://status.openstack.org/release/

Special review days

Virtual Sprint

  • TBD


Please see: Nova/Process and Nova/Mentoring