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Nova/Client Release Process

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python-novaclient releases are done on request as required. There is no fixed cadence like for nova releases. Normally these releases are done by the PTL. Here's the process:

  • I use Dolph's release helper script to handle the LaunchPad heavy lifting for me. Clone his git repo and change the NAME variable at the top of the script to your name. Then run this command (where 2.18.0 is the release number to use -- you can see a list of previous releases on github.com):
python release_client.py python-novaclient 2.18.0
  • This will do a bunch of launchpad stuff. Now you obey the commands emitted from the script, which will look something like this:
   In the repo, run:

       git tag -s 2.18.0 && git push gerrit 2.18.0

   On Launchpad, click Create Release:


   Enter the current UTC time as the Date Released:

      2014-07-10 23:52

   Finally, re-run this script with the --release argument to mark changes as
   fix released.

       python release_client.py --release python-novaclient 2.18.0