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Nova Bug Triage

The triage of Nova bugs follows the OpenStack-wide process documented on BugTriage.

There is an open group you need to join to get permissions to set bug priorities: https://launchpad.net/~nova-bugs


All new bugs should be tagged to reflect which part of Nova they are related to. The current list of tags can be found below. Note that it is fine for a bug to receive more than one tag if appropriate. Launchpad Query: Untriaged Bugs Without Tags

Once new bugs have been tagged, they should be triaged as described on BugTriage. To help make sure that the triage queue stays under control, the following table lists the people that have committed to regularly triaging bugs for a given tag. The official (and inofficial) tags are at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+manage-official-tags

Tag Owner List

Bug tag Description Owner(s) Untriaged Query All Query
api Bugs related to the compute REST API implementation alex_xu, gmann Untriaged All
api-ref Bugs related to the compute or placement REST API Reference takashin Untriaged All
availability-zones Issues when segregating resources with availability zones. bauzas Untriaged All
cells Bugs with Nova cells dansmith Untriaged All
ceph Bugs related to the ceph storage solution jbernard, lyarwood Untriaged All
cinder Bugs related to the nova-cinder interaction. If the bug is determined to be in the upstream cinder source, the cinder project should also be added to the "Affects" list lyarwood Untriaged All
compute Bugs in the nova-compute service that are not specific to a virt driver. melwitt Untriaged All
conductor Bugs in the nova-conductor service dansmith Untriaged All
config All bugs related to the config options stephenfin Untriaged All
console Bugs in the nova-console service (including nova-consoleauth, novncproxy, etc) melwitt Untriaged All
cyborg Bugs related to the nova-cyborg interaction brinzhang Untriaged All
doc Bugs which should affect the manuals project or nova internal docs mriedem / takashin Untriaged All
db Database (datastore) issues, including migrations jaypipes Untriaged All
gate-failure Bug reports which are used to categorize failures in the gate mriedem Untriaged All
hyper-v Problems specific to the hyper-v driver claudiub Untriaged All
i18n Issues with internationalization  ? Untriaged All
ironic Problems specific to the ironic driver jroll Untriaged All
libvirt Problems specific to the libvirt (kvm or qemu) driver kashyapc / sean-k-mooney, lyarwood Untriaged All
live-migration Problems specific when doing live migration. sean-k-mooney / lyarwood Untriaged All
low-hanging-fruit Should be an easy goal for new contributors free for all Untriaged All
lxc Issues specific to LXC virtualization support  ? Untriaged All
needs-attention Bugs which came up during the bug skimming duty and further steps are unclear.  ? Untriaged All
needs-functional-test We need a functional test for this to avoid regression.  ? Untriaged All
network Issues in nova-network sean-k-mooney Untriaged All
neutron Issues with the nova-neutron-interaction. If the bug is determined to be in the upstream neutron source, the neutron project should also be added to the "Affects" list sean-k-mooney Untriaged All
notifications Bugs in notifications gibi / takashin Untriaged All
nova-manage Bugs in the nova-manage utility (docs) melwitt / tssurya Untriaged All
numa Issues where NUMA is involved stephenfin / sahid / sean-k-mooney Untriaged All
novaclient novaclient bugs exist in their own project on launchpad, python-novaclient. They are not tagged bugs in the nova project. However, we still need one or more people signed up to make sure novaclient bugs get triaged and looked after. andreykurilin / takashin Untriaged All
ops  ?  ? Untriaged All
oslo Bugs related to Oslo integration (oslo-incubator or Oslo libraries). If the bug is determined to be in the upstream oslo source, the oslo project should also be added to the "Affects" list. gcb Untriaged All
pci Bugs regarding pci-devices (includes "pci-passthrough") stephenfin / sahid / sean-k-mooney Untriaged All
placement Bugs regarding the placement API cdent Untriaged All
postgresql PostgreSQL specific bugs.  ? Untriaged All
powervm PowerVM specific bugs.  ? Untriaged All
quotas Bugs related to restricting access to resources with quotas melwitt Untriaged All
race-condition Issues which are hard to reproduce due to race conditions. Probably only useful in combination with other tags.  ? Untriaged All
resource-tracker Issues with the tracking when and where we claim resources. jaypipes Untriaged All
rootwrap Problems with run-as-root commands or the rootwrap framework. ttx Untriaged All
s390x Bugs which affect IBM's s390x architecture (system z) andrea_s Untriaged All
scheduler Bugs in the nova-scheduler service bauzas / edleafe / jaypipes Untriaged All
security  ?  ? Untriaged All
security-groups  ?  ? Untriaged All
testing Bugs related to testing (unit tests, functional tests, tempest integration) gmann / takashin Untriaged All
unified-objects Bugs related to the unified-objects work dansmith Untriaged All
upgrade Issues with upgrade from one release to another. Those are usually critical bugs! dansmith Untriaged All
vmware Issues specific to VMware virtualization support. cdent Untriaged All
volumes Issues related to volume support (Cinder integration) mdbooth / lyarwood Untriaged All
xen Issues with the libvirt+xen driver anthonyper, openstack-ci@xenproject.org Untriaged All
xenserver Issues specific to XenServer/XenAPI virtualization support BobBall Untriaged All

How to Subscribe to Tags

How to add a new subscription to bug reports which match certain tags.
How to list and manage bug report subscriptions.

Weekly bug skimming duty

Nova gets a lot of new bug reports each day. Each bug report needs to be skimmed if it is a valid report, if crucial information is missing and so on. The weekly bug skimming duty should spread the knowledge and effort of that task to multiple people.

Ocata Cycle

from to (IRC) names
2017-02-06 2017-01-10 macsz
2017-01-10 2017-01-13 siva_krishnan
2017-01-17 2017-01-20 aunnam
2017-01-31 2017-02-03 sneti

Newton Cycle

from to (IRC) names
2016-11-14 2016-11-18 macsz
2016-08-08 2016-08-12 macsz
2016-08-01 2016-08-05 macsz, eil397
2016-07-25 2016-07-29 eil397
2016-07-18 2016-07-22 ---
2016-07-11 2016-07-15 johnthetubaguy, siva_krishnan, pumaranikar
2016-07-04 2016-07-08 ---
2016-06-27 2016-07-01 ---
2016-06-20 2016-06-24 ---
2016-06-13 2016-06-17 aunnam, sneti
2016-06-06 2016-06-10 takashin
2016-05-30 2016-06-03 pumaranikar, siva_krishnan
2016-05-23 2016-05-27 raj_singh, macsz
2016-05-16 2016-05-20 aunnam, sneti
2016-05-16 2016-05-17 andrearosa
2016-04-28 2016-05-05 pumaranikar
2016-04-21 2016-04-28 lyarwood
2016-04-07 2016-04-14 cihand

The duty includes:

  • Switch the bug to "incomplete" when crucial information is missing and ask the reporter to provide more information. This includes:
    • steps to reproduce
    • the version of Nova and the novaclient (or os-client)
    • logs (on debug level)
    • environment details depending on the bug
      • libvirt/kvm versions, VMWare version, ...
      • storage type (ceph, LVM, GPFS, ...)
      • network type (nova-network or neutron)
  • Close as "invalid" if it is a support request or feature request.
  • Switch to "confirm" if you could reproduce the described issue or can otherwise say that this bug report seems valid. This is not always possible for you because of missing resources like a ceph storage or something like that.
  • Add a tag (or more tags) if the report allows you to narrow down the area which potentially contains the issue. This should be the entry point for subteams to dig deeper to find the root cause and potential solutions.
  • Bring critical bugs to the attention of the other contributors. The #openstack-nova channel and/or a ML post is useful.

In short, do as much as possible before the expertise of the subteams is needed. Also, if you spot potential critical bugs, shout out in the #openstack-nova channel (for markus_z or one of the core reviewers).


A bug report template can be found at BugReportTemplate


Below are the most frequently asked questions about the bug triage. Please attend the nova bugs team meeting if you have more questions.

Q: What's the goal of the bug skimming duty?
A: In short, reduce the amount of work other developers have to spent to do a proper root cause analysis (and later fix) of bug reports. For this, close the obviously invalid bug reports, confirm the obviously valid bug reports, ask questions if things are unclear.

Q: Do I need to prove that a bug report is valid/invalid before I can set it to Confirmed/Invalid ?
A: No. Sometimes it's not even possible because you don't have the resources. Looking at the code and tests often enables you to make an educated guess. Citing your sources in a comment helps the discussion.

Q: What's the best status to close a bug report if its issue cannot be reproduced?
A: Definitively Invalid. Note: The status Incomplete is an open state and means "more information is necessary".

Q: How do I handle open bug reports which are Incomplete for too long?
A: If it is in this state for more than 30 days and no answers to the open questions are given, close it with Won't Fix.

Q: How do I handle dependencies to other bugs or TBD features in other projects? For example, I can fix a bug in Nova but I need that a feature in Cinder gets implemented before.
A: Leave a comment in the Nova bug report which explains this dependency and leave a link to the blueprint or bug report of the other project you depend on.

Q: Do I have to double-check bug reports which are New and have an assignee?
A: Usually not. This bug report has an inconsistent state though. If a bug report has an assignee, it should be In Progress and have an importance set.

Q: question?