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*** Note that this process is still a work in progress and has not yet been implemented. ***

Nova Bug Triage

The triage of Nova bugs follows the OpenStack-wide process documented on BugTriage. Since Nova is such an active project with a high number of incoming bug reports, we have a separate process for categorizing bugs and distributing the load of triage to a larger group of people.

Step 1: Tagging

All new bugs should be tagged to reflect which part of Nova they are related to. The current list of tags can be found on BugTags. Note that it is fine for a bug to receive more than one tag if appropriate.

TODO: Launchpad query for untriaged and untagged bugs.

Anyone is welcome to help with tagging bugs. However, the following people have committed to checking this on a regular basis to keep the untagged bug queue under control:

  • russellb

Step 2: Triage Tagged Bugs

Once new bugs have been tagged, they should be triaged as described on BugTriage. To help make sure that the triage queue stays under control, the following table lists the people that have committed to regularly triaging bugs for a given tag.

Bug tag Owner(s) Launchpad Query
db dripton
rootwrap ttx