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This page documents the requirements, expectations, and ideally the results of all third party testing done by open source and vendor plugins for the Neutron project.

Log & Test Results Filesystem Layout

Third-Party CI systems MUST provide logs and configuration data to help developers troubleshoot test failures. A third-party CI that DOES NOT post logs should be a candidate for removal, and new CI systems MUST post logs before they can be awarded voting privileges.

Third party CI systems should follow the filesystem layout convention of the OpenStack CI system

At the root of the results - there should be the following:

  • console.html.gz - contains the output of stdout of the test run
  • logs/

Logs must be a directory, which contains the following:

  • Log files for each screen session that DevStack creates and launches an OpenStack component in
  • Test result files
    • testr_results.html.gz
    • tempest.txt.gz