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The number of sub teams in Neutron has grown to a crazy level. At some point in time, it made sense to have sub teams, but the sheer growth and lack of a clear charter for many of them has made their existence questionable. To solve this, sub teams should post a charter for each release explaining what they want to accomplish. The neutron-drivers team will then decide if it makes sense for a sub team to exist for that cycle. Ideally the sub teams own discovery process will lead to a decision on disbanding for a cycle in which there is no clear work direction and deliverable. An example of a functioning sub team which formed, accomplished work, and then disbanded was the Neutron DB sub team which worked for a few months during the Juno cycle.

Sub Team Charters

The existing NeutronSubTeams should put their charters below for evaluation in next week's neutron-drivers meeting.

An example of this charter is below.


This sub team does something really cool which everyone loves.

Charter for Kilo

Unicorns. With rainbows. So awesome.

Spec tracking

Put approved specs here.

LBaaS Team

Design, development, and merging of LBaaS v2 functionality.

Charter for Kilo

Merging changes to feature branch, agent-ified reference driver, CLI changes. With rainbows.

Spec tracking

To be re-proposed for Kilo soon: