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Code Reviews

Before you even start fixing bugs, a good way to familiarize yourself with the Neutron codebase and development practices is to participate in code reviews.

Starter Bugs

These are bugs that folks new to Neutron might want to pick off as an introduction:

If you're new to Neutron, just assign the bug to yourself on launchpad, and feel free to use the bug (or the mailing list) to ask questions about how to fix it.

Community Projects

Note: if you're interested in taking on one of these community projects, create a blueprint and send email to the openstack dev list with thoughts and to get feedback from the team. In some cases, the blueprint may already exist and be assigned to someone, but they may well be willing to assign it to you or split up the task. Send email will also help you identify the right people on the Neutron team to help you complete this project.