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Starter Bugs

These are bugs that folks new to Quantum might want to pick off as an introduction.

If you're new to Quantum, just assign the bug to yourself on launchpad, and feel free to use the bug (or the mailing list) to ask questions about how to fix it.

Starter Projects

Note: if you're interested in taking on one of these starter projects, create a blueprint and send email to the netstack list with thoughts and to get feedback from the team. Send email will also help you identify the right people on the Quantum team to help you complete this project.

  • Keystone support for Quantum Client: the python-quantumclient code does not support the keystone middleware that has been created for Quantum. Ideally, we would match the python-novaclient as closely as possible here, so that users can provide credentials in a similar way (either via CLI arguments or via environment).
  • Split quantum.common: the quantum.common namespace currently exists in the python-quantumclient repository, even though most of the code is not shared by both the client and the server. We'd like to split this package, so that code specific to the server is in the server repository.
  • multi-node devstack support: currently, the quantum support in devstack only supports single node deployments. We should extend it to support multiple nodes.
  • API to query extensions supported by currently running plugin: current approach only tells what extensions are loaded, but some loaded extensions may not be supported by the plugin, and thus, should not be used.