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This page tracks all policies and procedures for working within the OpenStack Neutron Project.


The Neutron team uses the neutron-specs repository for it's specification reviews. Detailed information on the process is found here.


Code Reviews

Contributor Onboarding

Core Members

Information on existing cores, becoming a core, removing a core, and core expectations is available at the NeutronCore wiki page.

Gate Failure Triage

Sub Teams

The [[NeutronSubTeams] page details all of the various sub-teams which operate under Neutron. These sub-teams are responsible for chunks of Neutron. Neutron is a large project, and there are many faucets involved. Having sub-teams is a way to delegate roles and responsibilities around the operational and development aspects of Neutron. The role of a sub-team is as follows:

  • Triage, track and close bugs in the sub-team area.
  • Report status back to the weekly Neutron meeting.
  • Drive BPs in the sub-team area.

Third Party Testing