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== Gate Failure Triage ==
== Gate Failure Triage ==
Gate failure triage is documented at the [[NeutronGateFailureTriage]] page.
== Reviews ==
== Reviews ==

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This page tracks all policies and procedures for working within the OpenStack Neutron Project.


The Neutron team uses the neutron-specs repository for it's specification reviews. Detailed information on the process is found here. In addition, some specific details around the process of reviewing specs is found on the NeutronReviews page.

It's worth noting that at the start of each cycle, any BP which did not make it in the release will need to be resubmitted and approved for the next cycle.


A detailed description of the Neutron bug processes, including the mention of the current Neutron Bug Czar, is maintained on the NeutronBugs page.

Contributor Onboarding

Core Members

Information on existing cores, becoming a core, removing a core, and core expectations is available at the NeutronCore wiki page.

Gate Failure Triage

Gate failure triage is documented at the NeutronGateFailureTriage page.


Policies around both code and specification reviews for Neutron are maintained on the NeutronReviews wiki page. Please see that page for detailed instructions and policies.

Sub Teams

The NeutronSubTeams page details all of the various sub-teams which operate under Neutron. These sub-teams are responsible for chunks of Neutron. Neutron is a large project, and there are many faucets involved. Having sub-teams is a way to delegate roles and responsibilities around the operational and development aspects of Neutron. The role of a sub-team is as follows:

  • Triage, track and close bugs in the sub-team area.
  • Report status back to the weekly Neutron meeting.
  • Drive BPs in the sub-team area.
  • [rkukura] Can we include a somewhat formal pre-review responsibility, where subteam members need to get some number of +1s on each patch before the core reviewers are asked to review the patches?

Third Party Testing

Vendor Plugins