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Plugin and Driver Processes

Getting a plugin or driver merged upstream into Neutron allows you the benefit of being a part of the simultaneous release, and likely having your plugin or driver packaged with distributions which ship releases based on the simultaneous releases from upstream. However, this is not a "free ride", you should ideally be giving back more than you are taking by getting your code upstream. When you submit your code, you're putting a burden on the existing reviews and infrastructure. The same goes with subsequent bug fixes and backports to stable releases. Thus, you should have someone from your company or team reviewing other code upstream, participating in meetings, etc. The following is a list of requirements for inclusion of code upstream:

  • Code which passes review, has adequate unit tests, and passes pep8 guidelines.
  • A functioning CI system, which has been running successfully against your plugin/driver patches, and other patches as well.
  • Participation in Neutron meetings, IRC channels, and email lists.
  • A member of the plugin/driver team participating in code reviews of other upstream code.

Removal of Upstream Plugins or Drivers

If you fail to meet the criteria above, you risk having your plugin or driver removed from upstream. The core team will continue to evaluate third party CI systems to ensure they are running and correctly testing patches for third party plugins and drivers. If they fail to function, an email will be sent to the openstack-dev mailing list asking for the owner to fix this issue. Ideally, the owner will reply to the email thread, and will work with the Neutron and Infra teams to address the CI issue. If no reply is received or adequate progress is not being made to address the issue within 2 weeks, a process to remove the plugin or driver from upstream will commence. To get your plugin or driver upstream after it has been removed will take a functioning third party CI system running for a month, correctly voting on changes upstream.