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This page tracks the project plan for Neutron. Please note this only tracks blueprints of high and critical priority, and a handful of medium priority blueprints which are of importance to the community.

Juno Release Logistics

The Juno_Release_Schedule is available for viewing. This highlights the dates for Juno development.

Please note Neutron does observe the FeatureProposalFreeze, which is on August 21, 2014. This means any features which do not have a blueprint accepted in the neutron-specs repository and which do not have code proposed to gerrit will not make the Juno release.

Mid-Cycle Sprints

For Juno, the Neutron team is conducting two mid-cycle sprints focused on key areas of Juno development. These sprints are targeted as coding sprints and will be 3 days each. The idea is to close on coding items by having team members collaborate in close proximity with core team members available for quick turnaround of patch reviews and merging.

The first sprint is the neutron LBaaS sprint. Please see the etherpad for dates and more details.

The second sprint is the neutron nova-network parity sprint. Please see the etherpad for dates and more details.

nova-network parity

The key community feature for Neutron in Juno is around nova-network parity. Please see the page Neutron_Gap_Coverage for specific details on the plan agreed upon by the TC for achieving this in Juno. These tasks will be tracked in this project plan.

Juno-1 (6-12-2014)

Juno-2 (7-24-2014)

Juno-3 (8-21-2014, FPF)

  • Refactoring
    • Tasks library
  • Service insertion, chaining, and steering
    • NFV sub-project needs this. Need to break this up and prioritize it a bit.
  • LBaaS
    • Barbican integration
    • L7, SSL
  • VPN
    • Barbican integration
    • Flavor framework integration