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Neutron/VMware NSX plugins


The NSX plugins can be found at the following repository: https://github.com/openstack/vmware-nsx The following plugins are supported:

  • NSX MH - provides support for multi-hypervisors
  • NSXv - plugin for vSphere. This is supported from stable/kilo.
  • Simple DVS - the provides simple support for distributed switches. It does not have any security group or floating IP support
  • NSXv3 - provides support for multi-hypervisors. This is supported from stable/liberty. From stable/newton onwards the plugin supports native DHCP and metadata.

Admin Utility

The NSXv and the NSXv3 support the nsxadmin utility. This enables and administrator to determine and rectify inconsistencies between the Neutron DB and the NSX. usage: nsxadmin -r <resources> -o <operation>. More details can be found at the git repository for all of the supported options.

Simple DVS Configuration

As mentioned above there are many limitation to this plugin and the purpose of the plugin is to enable a VC admin to experience Neutron. Only an admin can create provider VLAN networks for tenants.

Neutron Configuration

An example of the configuration is below:

   dvs_name = Pele
   insecure = True
   host_password = TheBestEver
   host_username = administrator@vsphere.local  
   host_ip =

The plugin will configure port groups on the DVS Pele.