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'''''DRAFT - Place Holder'''''
== <big>A10 Networks LBaaS Driver for Thunder Series</big> ==
== <big>A10 Networks LBaaS Driver for Thunder Series</big> ==
For technical informtion please contact <code> dougw | <a|t> | a10networks || com  </code>
Please refer to https://github.com/a10networks/a10-neutron-lbaas
=== Introductions: ===
This A10 Network Driver is specifically designed to manage Thunder Series Appliances.
** A non-community version of the driver can be provided which extends horizon and other component.
=== '''The implementation relays on:''' ===
* new file: a10networks/__init__.py
* new file: a10networks/a10_api_2_1/__init__.py
* new file: a10networks/a10_api_2_1/core/__init__.py
* new file: a10networks/a10_api_2_1/core/apiObj.py
* new file: a10networks/a10_api_2_1/core/device_select.py
* new file: a10networks/a10_api_2_1/core/ssl_monkeypatch.py
* new file: a10networks/a10_api_2_1/core/structure.py
* new file: a10networks/a10_api_2_1/slb/__init__.py
* new file: a10networks/a10_api_2_1/slb/hm.py
* new file: a10networks/a10_api_2_1/slb/server.py
* new file: a10networks/a10_api_2_1/slb/service_group.py
* new file: a10networks/a10_api_2_1/slb/template.py
* new file: a10networks/a10_api_2_1/slb/virtual_server.py
* new file: a10networks/a10_api_2_1/slb/virtual_service.py
* new file: a10networks/example_thunder_device_conf.ini
* new file: a10networks/exceptions.py
* new file: a10networks/thunder.py
== There are two ways a device can be register. ==
# Create different versions of the driver and associated configuration file.
# Utilize, the first method, but also utilize multiple devices in the configuration file. A consistent hash will be utilized to for placement policy.
=== Neutron.conf ===
In the <sup>'''Neutron.conf'''</sup> add the following line. This will enable the specific service provider. You can register multiple drivers that point to a specific system or group of systems.
service_provider =LOADBALANCER:A10_Thunder:neutron.services.loadbalancer.drivers.a10networks.thunder.thunder_driver:default
=== Configuration Files: ===
The configuration files need to be configured utilizing the example below.
This file would be located in /etc/neutron/services/loadbalancer/a10networks/example_thunder_device_conf.ini
<syntaxhighlight lang="ini">
#format is device FQDN then host object
#ax1.foo.com = {"host":"",
#                "username" : "admin",
#                "password" : , "a10",
#                "status":"1",
#                "autosnat":True}
ax1.foo.com = {"host":"",
              "password":"a10", "status":"1", "autosnat":"True"}
#Only method supported is hash
#This is for the nat address on router.
#If set to false then will utilize default member addr.
use_float_if_assigned = 'True'
#Choices in this version(ADP)
#Choices in the next release(L3V, LSI, VSI)
=== Reference Architecture:===
Please contact  a10 networks for more information.
1.    One arm mode with SNAT.
2.    Routed Mode on Private network
3.    Route Injection Mode.

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A10 Networks LBaaS Driver for Thunder Series

Please refer to https://github.com/a10networks/a10-neutron-lbaas