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LBaaS (Load-balancer-as-a-Service) is Quantum extension that introduces load balancing feature set into the core. It became a sub-project of Quantum per decisions in "San Diego Oct-2012 Design Summit" since there was huge interest from Vendors and Community to participate in this effort.

Agenda for Havana OpenStack Summit


Current Design Discussions + whats need to be done

  1. Initial Discussions Document NetworkLoadBalancingIntegrationsWithQuantum
    • May need to specify workflow of LB provisioning in all scenarios that LBaaS is going to support.
  2. Object Model proposal - LBaaS/CoreResourceModel/proposal
    • All agreed upon. Might need minor update to include resources needed for device management (HW device catalog)
  3. Tenant REST API - main proposal Quantum/LBaaS/API_1.0
    • Discussion about tenant_id in URL ended with most people agreeing to go with 2.0 style or URL (no tenant_id in URL)
  4. Service Insertion - Spring Proposal ServicesInsertion and Fall Proposal Quantum/ServiceInsertion
    • Things to be discussed:
      1. Insertion modes: what is simplest and what should be implemented in the first place.
      2. changes in existing resource model (router)
      3. service catalog configuration
      4. API
  5. Agreed on:
    1. Single Plugin per service type at a time. Vendor specific device access is implemented via drivers. Drivers could provide vendor-specific extra features. 1:1 mapping between extensions and plugins.
  6. Provider API / Device Management - proposal Quantum/DeviceManagementAPI
    • The document describes API/process of registering a physical appliance as an LB device.
  7. Balancer provisioning - proposal Quantum/LBaaS/Provisioning/proposal
    • The document needs to be updated with workflows that correspond to (1)
  8. Overall code architecture proposal Quantum/LBaaS/Architecture
    • Contains overall picture of components and what they do. Sequence diagram needs to be updated according to latest decision about async execution.
  9. Miscellaneous
    1. Device Locking - proposal Quantum/LBaaS/Architecture/ConcurrentRequests
    2. Asynchronous execution (discussion):
      • Client gets immediate response with Job ID which it polls later on. May need to have short design spec on this.
  10. Inter-service resource dependency (discussion):
    • Resources of different advanced services may depend on one another. Solution options: (?)
  11. Support "Service Type" in LBaaS API. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H_OQa-Vm4oqp-Cs-s47xhatUq4mMLZWZVTIu0ypHLlA/edit


We have a weekly meeting on every "Tuesday at 9:00 AM (Pacific TIme)" for discussing the Project Status, Issues, Work Item Rebalancing etc.

Agenda for 10/23/2012 Meeting


  • (855) 227-1767(USA) - 08003765931(UK) Conf. Code 7152259
  • 0008006103229 (India – Toll Free)
  • 81080024322044 (Moscow), 4992701688(Moscow)

Web Conf: https://myroom-na.adobeconnect.com/anandpalanisamy/ https://www.intercallonline.com/portlets/scheduling/viewNumbers/listNumbersByCode.do?confCode=7152259&name=&email=&selectedProduct=joinMeeting

Efforts Summary

The following content summarizes the effort that the community put together to reach the "One-LBaaS for OpenStack" goal.

Agenda for Grizzly OpenStack Summit

See http://etherpad.openstack.org/grizzly-quantum-lbaas

Link to Existing Resources

Equilibrium (Mirantis LBaaS)

Atlas project

eBay/PayPal Project

LBaaS w/ resource model focused on config re-use

LBaaS Integrated with Quantum (Sam Bercovici)

LBaaS with Quantum (Alex Gosse)