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Comparison of BGP speakers for bgp-dynamic-routing. Another potential user is bgp-vpn.

Ryu BGP Quagga BIRD ExaBgp BaGPipe
Protocol version BGP-4 BGP-4 BGP-4 BGP-4 BGP-4
Implementation Language Python C C Python Python
IPv4 advertisement yes yes yes yes no (easily added)
IPv6 advertisement yes yes yes yes no (easily added)
VPNv4 advertisement yes yes
VPNv6 advertisement yes not yet
RTC support (RFC4684) yes  ?  ?  ? yes
IPv6 BGP peering yes yes  ? yes could inherit from ExaBGP
Standalone mode (run as a standalone process) yes yes yes yes yes
Controlling API for Standalone mode JSON RPC over WebSocket stdin/out from subprocess JSON RPC over HTTP
Library mode (run in an agent process) yes (example reference) yes yes