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Blueprint Template

Below is an outline for a Blueprint Summary template. The purpose is to try and improve our development, review and release process. Please make sure that you include the sections below. If the section is not relevant the a simple N/A will suffice. In addition to this any links to diagrams will be graetly appreciated - this will be very helpful when we are documenting the feature release.


'High level description'<
[Short overview and high level description of what the blueprint is trying to achieve.]

[List and explanation of the new API's (if they exist)]

Configuration variables [List and explanation of the new configuration variables (if they exist)]

[Provide an overview of any algorithms that will be used]

Data Model Changes<
[Are you introducing new model classes, or extending existing ones?]

Plugin Interface<
[Does this feature introduce any change?]

Required Plugin support<
[What should the plugins do to support this new feature? (If applicable)]