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This section covers the new structure of the Neutron tream, which will closely match the Nova team by having a separate neutron-drivers team which will be tasked with approving specs. This team is being instituted to ensure a consisten architectual vision for the Neutron project, and to continue to disaggregate and share the responsibilities of the Neutron PTL.
The content of this page has moved [http://docs.openstack.org/developer/neutron/policies/neutron-teams.html#drivers-team here].
Given the amount of specifications proposed in neutron-specs, a fast turnaround is needed for both submitters as well as reviewers. In the Juno cycle, we didn't have this, and we ended up with a backlog of some 120+ specifications in neutron-specs when we hit Spec Proposal Deadline (SPD) and Spec Approval Deadline (SAD). To ensure we lower the number of specs arounding during SPD/SAD in Kilo, we need to have a highly focused specification review team.
I'm proposing we adopt a "neutron-drivers" team, similar to "nova-drivers." This team will be composed of core team members who have shown a propensity to review specifications in a timely manner, and an interest in the architectural side of Neutron. The idea is that specification reviewers will be spending 5-10 hours a week reviewing and commenting on specifications, and working with specification contributors to ensure high quality, mergable specifications which move Neutron forward in a positive direction.
Some specifics of this proposal include:
* A weekly 30 minute meeting to go over specs with the neutron-drivers team.
* Closely tracked metrics on specs reviews for neutron-drivers members.
* Collaboration in driving community features of Neutron forward in a coherent manner.
* Ability to +A specs in neutron-specs (cores retain +2/-2).
The initial neutron-drivers team will consist of the following people:
* Kyle Mestery
* Salvatore Orlando
* Mark McClain
* Akihiro Motoki
* Armando Migliaccio
In addition to driving spec reviews and ensuring consistency of architectural vision for the project, the neutron-drivers team will be responsible for providing focus for the entire project. Ensuring there is focus which spans multiple releases is an important part of ensuring the long-term health of Neutron. Ensuring there is focus during milestone releases is also very important. The neutron-drivers team will be responsible for assisting the PTL at various stages of the release as well.

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