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OVN provides virtual networking for Open vSwitch and is a component of the Open vSwitch project. This project provides integration between OpenStack Neutron and OVN.

List of features required in ML2/OVN to achieve feature parity with ML2/OVS

Feature Blueprint/Bug link Code patch Other
Support FIP QoS https://review.openstack.org/#/c/539826/
Per port DHCP Options
Serving DHCP to a provider network The OVN built-in DHCP server currently can not be used to provision baremetal nodes. As a workaround Neutron DHCP Agent could be deployed. The goal is to include support in OVN to get rid of Neutron DHCP agent in the future.
API extensions Missing extensions are: dhcp_agent_scheduler, empty-string-filtering, fip-port-details, flavors, ip-substring-filtering, l3-flavors, logging, metering, net-mtu-writable, qos, qos-fip, port-security-groups-filtering, segment, service-type, standard-attr-segment, trunk-details
Security group logging https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/security-group-logging
SRIOV A limitation exists for this scenario where OVN needs to support VLAN tenant networks and Neutron DHCP Agent has to be deployed. The goal is to include support in OVN to get rid of Neutron DHCP agent.
Fragmentation support / MTU mismatch OVN does not yet support the sending ICMP "fragmentation needed" packets so, larger ICMP/UDP packets that needs to be fragmented won't work as they would with the ML2/OVS driver implementation. TCP traffic should work due to the MSS mechanism however.