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Meeting time: The OpenStack Networking Team (Neutron) holds public meetings alternating between Mondays at 2100 UTC (#openstack-meeting) and Tuesdays at 1400 UTC (#openstack-meeting). Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Apologies for Absence

We expect core members to attend on a regular basis, especially during the meeting that is friendly to your timezone. If you can't, please add a note here.

  • 11-9-2015: regXboi - @ Hematologist for follow-up appointment with daughter
  • 11-9-2015: mestery - traveling to airport after that

Agenda for Next Neutron Team Meeting

Tuesday (10/20/2015) at 1400 UTC on #openstack-meeting

Announcements / Reminders


Current milestone: https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/mitaka-1 (ends Dec 1st)


Approximate stats for the current cycle:

  • From Mitaka beginning (Sep-23-2015), to the end of the week of Oct-19-2015 (previous week in parenthesis):
    • Total reports: 257 (167)
      • Fix committed: 89 (40)
      • Unassigned: 43 (29)
        • New: 9 (6)
        • Incomplete: 13 (6)
        • Confirmed: 15 (15)
        • Triaged: 5 (2)
  • For the weeks from Oct-19-2015 to Nov-06-2015:
    • Total reports: 113 (63)
      • Fix committed: 14 (14)
      • Unassigned: 26 (12)
        • New: 8 (3)
        • Incomplete: 7 (6)
        • Confirmed: 6 (6)
        • Triaged: 4 (0)

Bug deputy

Use this section to keep track of who volunteers for the 'bug deputy' role. This is usually edited at the end of the IRC Meeting.

Date ihrachys regXboi markmcclain armax mestery mangelajo garyk
Oct-05-2015 x
Oct-12-2015 x
Oct-19-2015 x
Oct-24-2015 x
Nov-02-2015 x
Nov-09-2015 x
Nov-16-2015 x

Docs (emagana)

Open Items for Liberty: (reviews needed)

Networking Guide

On Demand Agenda

We can only pick one or two topics we can talk in the time left of the meeting. People should add ideas to the topics section. We will select one or two topics we can chew during the next meeting.

  • Topic for the meeting:
    • Decision on whether advanced services functional tests should run on Neutron commits - to reduce the change of cross-project breakage. (pc_m)

Previous meeting logs