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The OpenStack Quantum Team holds public meetings in #openstack-meeting. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Apologies for Absence

Agenda for Next Quantum Team Meeting

Announcements / Reminders:

  • --danwent (talk) 05:20, 4 March 2013 (UTC)
  • G-RC1 branch date targeted at March 12th (one week away!).
  • Starting tuesday (tomorrow) bar for bugs will increase to high priority fixes only (similar to what would be required for getting into stable branch). Bugs must fix something that is truly broken.
  • Focus should be on wrapping up bug fixes, spinning up documentation efforts.

RC1 Feature Freeze Exceptions (danwent)

RC1 Bugs (markmcclain)

Quantum Python-Client (gongysh, markmcclain):

Documentation (danwent)

Quantum work in Horizon (amotoki)

Open Discussion

Previous meeting logs

  • Previous meetings, with their notes and logs, can be found here.
  • Older meeting notes are here: ../MeetingLogs.