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* Database
* Database
** [https://review.openstack.org/95738 Healing Migration Design Spec]
** [https://review.openstack.org/95738 Healing Migration Design Spec]
*** salv-orlando and markmcclain are primary reviewers
*** Approved and moving to implementation phase
** [https://review.openstack.org/#/c/101963/ Removing Conditional Migration Design Spec]
** [https://review.openstack.org/#/c/101963/ Removing Conditional Migration Design Spec]
*** salv-orlando and markmcclain are primary reviewers
*** salv-orlando and markmcclain are primary reviewers

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The OpenStack Networking Team (Neutron) holds public meetings in #openstack-meeting on Monday at 2100 UTC. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Apologies for Absence

Agenda for Next Neutron Team Meeting

Announcements / Reminders


These are new failures seen in gate:

    • [1] Lock wait timeout adding ipavailabilityranges
    • [2] Lock wait timeout adding ipallocationpools
    • [3] Lock wait timeout adding vip to vips table

These bugs are in nova but are related to neutron. It would be great if we could get neutron reviews on:

    • [4] Remove unneeded call to fetch network info on shutdown - arosen
    • [5] remove unneeded call to network_api on detach_interface - arosen
    • [6] remove unneeded call to network_api on rebuild_instance - arosen
    • [7] Optimize validate_networks to query neutron only when needed - arosen
    • [8] deallocate_for_instance should delete all neutron ports on error - arosen
    • [9] Fix port_security_enabled neutron extension - arosen
    • [10] Fix pre-created ports in neutron from being deleted by nova - arosen

Team Discussion Topics

  • nova-network parity sprint next week
    • Collecting work items on this etherpad: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/lOiqsLmizl
    • Will have list of things for that next week
    • Please come prepared to address bugs, docs, testing, etc.!
    • It's critical we all are ready to roll on this at 9:00AM Wednesday morning!
    • Please unicast [Name, Email address, Company name] to mestery so we can setup guest wifi access for you.
    • We will start at 9AM each day (I may be there earlier for folks who want to arrive early), and go until 6PM.
    • Will decide on places to eat dinner as a group Wednesday and Thursday night.

Nova Parity (markmcclain)

Docs (emagana)

High Priority Tickets:

Medium Priority Tickets:

Neutron Tempest (mlavalle)

API (salv-orlando)

No report

L3 (carl_baldwin)

(updated 2014-06-30)

Team meeting on Thursdays at 1500 UTC


Active Projects

  • neutron-ovs-dvr (meeting page)
    • Patches are being updated more aggresively. bp/neutron-ovs-dvr gerrit topic. See How To for notes on where you should be reviewing.
    • All Jenkins tests should be passing (still waiting on Jenkins to bless a handful of UT fixes)
    • Started how to page which we will be working on this week. Need people willing to grab code and test.
      • Will soon post a patch to devstack to automate as much of this how to as possible.
  • pluggable-ext-net
    • Blueprint needs review on gerrit topic.
    • (carl_baldwin) I'll be implementing this with DVR as a dependency which means I've got to get my DVR test bed off the ground this week.
  • l3-high-availability
    • Let's get this bp merged! See the gerrit topic for the spec patch.
    • Patches are in review on bp/l3-high-availability gerrit topic.
    • Will be evaluating these patches along with DVR.
  • l3-svcs-vendor-*
  • bgp-dynamic-routing
  • IPAM

Advanced Services (SumitNaiksatam)

  • Juno plan and reviews:


IPv6 (sc68cal)

ML2 (rkukura/Sukhdev)

  • Weekly Meetings/ML2 are held, please attend if interested!
    • Will discuss Juno summit sessions this week and prioritize plans

Group Policy (SumitNaiksatam)

FWaaS (SumitNaiksatam)

Open Discussion

Previous meeting logs