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* Topic for the meeting:
* Topic for the meeting:
** Live Migration Notifiers for Nova/Neutron, Swaminathan Vasudevan, Jan 4th 2016
** (your nickname): brief description.
*** Nova VM instances can migrate from one compute host to another compute host. When Nova VM migrates,there is no notification messages sent to neutron and also nova migration task manager does not verify if the destination host has all L3 networking setup in place. Because of this issue, we are seeing issues with VM migration having L3 connectivity, especially with DVR routers, since DVR routers create routers on demand in a reactive manner. We have been discussing this issue with respect to a launchpad bug and also have a couple of patches up for review.
*** More details
*****This work requires a joint effort from Nova and Neutron team to fix this problem. I would like to get the Neutron teams feedback on this and to assign a core team to work on this feature.
== Previous meeting logs ==
== Previous meeting logs ==

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The OpenStack Networking Team (Neutron) holds public meetings as advertised on OpenStack IRC Meetings Calendar. If you are unable to attend, please check the most recent logs.

Announcements / Reminders


Current milestone: https://launchpad.net/neutron/+milestone/mitaka-3 (ends Mar ~1st 2016)


Approximate stats for the current cycle:

  • From Mitaka beginning (Sep-23-2015) (last recurrence in parenthesis):
    • Total reports: 677 (646)
      • Fix released: 336 (320)
      • Unassigned: 105 (97)
        • New: 36 (30)
        • Incomplete: 20 (24)
        • Confirmed: 26 (21)
        • Triaged: 10 (12)
  • Since last checkpoint:
    • Total reports: 34 (128)
      • Fix released: 3 (38)
      • Unassigned: 11 (25)
        • New: 8 (18)
        • Incomplete: 0 (3)
        • Confirmed: 2' (1)
        • Triaged: 0 (0)

Bug deputy

Use this section to keep track of who volunteers for the 'bug deputy' role. This is usually edited at the end of the IRC Meeting.

Date ihrachys regXboi markmcclain armax mestery mangelajo garyk rossella_s dougwig HenryG carl_baldwin amotoki kevinbenton amuller Zzelle mlavalle
Oct-05-2015 x
Oct-12-2015 x
Oct-19-2015 x
Oct-24-2015 x
Nov-02-2015 x
Nov-09-2015 x
Nov-16-2015 x
Nov-23-2015 x
Nov-30-2015 x
Dec-07-2015 x
Dec-14-2015 x
Dec-21-2015 x
Dec-28-2015 x
Jan-04-2016 x
Jan-18-2016 x
Jan-25-2016 x


  • Discuss proofing devref and spec patches. (Sam-I-Am)

Open Items for Liberty: (reviews needed)

Networking Guide

On Demand Agenda

We can only pick one or two topics we can talk in the time left of the meeting. People should add ideas to the topics section. We will select one or two topics we can chew during the next meeting. Please follow the template below:

  • Topic for the meeting:
    • (your nickname): brief description.
      • More details

Previous meeting logs