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* ''' IRC Channel on Freenode - TBD '''
* ''' IRC Channel on Freenode - TBD '''
** IRC Channel Logs: TBD
** IRC Channel Logs: TBD
* ''' Mailing list - TBD '''
* ''' Mailing list - http://lists.opendev.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/nbmp-discuss '''
== Meetings ==
== Meetings ==

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Group Introduction

This OSF NBMP Working Group's objective is to implement platform and infrastructure systems needed to provide a unified abstraction layer for composing, controlling, managing, and monitoring flexible media processing workflows as an open source software project under OSF. The OSF NBMP Working Group will identify use cases, develop requirements, and produce viable architecture options to enable development activities for Open Infrastructure and supporting platform components for NBMP use cases. This is a collaborative effort between OSF and MPEG community. Standardisation will be done in MPEG community, the sole purpose of this Working Group is developing production-grade open source software.

NBMP (Network Based Media Processing)

The cloudification of media processing workflows is a trending approach to achieve more resource efficiency and ensure scalability. This is mostly done in a proprietary way, where a myriad of companies are offering tightly knit integrations of media processing functions with little room for customization. With the emergence of new media services and experiences (such as VR/AR, AI-based processing, and 3D content), the need for higher flexibility is becoming a necessity.

A service provider may need to deploy their workflows across different cloud service providers and geographical locations. A workflow may run of the media processing functions in the cloud, others in the edge, and yet others on a home gateway on-premise. Service providers are also realizing the need for adopting the microservices design patterns for higher scalability, reusability, decoupling, testability of the different media processing functions. Finally, the emerging 5G networks are promising the capability of deploying custom processing on the edge with high QoS and low latency.

To address these needs and in an attempt to offer the world’s first standardized media workflow composition solution, MPEG is defining the NBMP standard. NBMP provides a unified abstraction layer for composing, controlling, managing, and monitoring flexible media processing workflows, independent of the underlying cloud infrastructure provider(s). NBMP defines the architecture, APIs, media and metadata formats for discovering media processing functions, describing media workflows, deploying media processing workflows, configuring the runtime tasks, monitoring and taking corrective measures in case of faulty behavior. Offering a single standardized cloud-abstraction layer to service providers will give service providers high flexibility and reduce their time to market through the portability that comes with NBMP.


  • Working Group Coordinator: Jaesuk Ahn (jayahn, bluejay.ahn@gmail.com / jay.ahn@sk.com)
  • Open Infrastructure
    • Seungkyu Ahn (seungkyua, seungkyua@gmail.com / ahnsk@sk.com)
    • Sangho Shin (sanghoshin@sk.com)
  • NBMP Components

Group Resources


NBMP Reference Architecture

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