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Here we sketch App Catalog UI in the Murano 0.5 (using the tools Horizon provides)

  1. We decided to rewrite Service Definitions Admin Page to the Murano 0.4 as the new Application Catalog page avaible both for users and for admins (but with different controls). Screenshot
  2. So the Users View of the App Catalog should look roughly like this - so we get Categories and Filtering of Applications out-of-the-box. Currently only 2 actions for an Application are sketched - Details and Create (see next)
  3. The details page contains more info on a given Application
  4. The Create action is splitted into several steps. At the first one User selects an Environment the new Application should be placed to (also he can create a new Environment here)
  5. then he can actually fill an Application's fields. Fields can be primitive (string, integer, date, IP etc) or composite (org.openstack.murano.ActiveDirectory or org.openstack.murano.WordPress). Currently two alternative designs for a composite fields with multiple values exist: first and second.