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Revision as of 07:47, 6 November 2013 by Timur Sufiev (talk | contribs)
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One very noticeable change in Murano Dashboard is coming in version 0.4: 'Murano' panel (currently resides at Project->Other->Environments) will be moved to a separate dashboard called 'Murano'. So the address for 'Environments' panel will be Murano->Deployment->Environments. Also we've got rid of 'djblets' package.

So the lines in Horizon config

HORIZON_CONFIG['customization_module'] = 'muranodashboard.panel.overrides'
INSTALLED_APPS += ('muranodashboard','djblets','djblets.datagrid','djblets.util','floppyforms',)

should be changed to

INSTALLED_APPS += ('muranodashboard','floppyforms',)