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Revision as of 14:49, 3 September 2013 by Dkoryavov (talk | contribs) (Version 0.3 (in plans))

Version 0.1 - Basic services provisioning (May 30th - released)

  • Core Services: REST API, Orchestration Engine.
  • Horizon dashboard extension as plugin.
  • Integration with Heat.
  • Support single Data Center (no Disaster Recovery).
  • Support the following Windows Services:
    • Active Directory - Single Domain with multiple domain controllers.
    • IIS Server - single instance of IIS Server.
    • IIS Web Farm - multiple IIS instances behind load balancer.
    • ASP.NET Application Service - ASP.NET application installed on top of IIS.
    • ASP.NET Web Farm - ASP.NET application with several instances behind load balancer.

Version 0.2 (Sep 5th 2013 - planned)

  • Stabilize Core Services (bug fixing).
  • REST API generalization.
  • Wokflow diagnostics in Murano Conductor.
  • Dynamic UI (UI forms built on YAML definitions without any custom code).
  • Ability to select Windows image, Availability Zone and instance flavor.
  • Detailed documentation including on writing XML Workflows.
  • Support for SSL both in REST API and RabbitMQ communications.
  • Improved HA for Murano Conductor.
  • Packages for CentOS 6.4.
  • Additional Services:
    • Support for External Active Directory.
    • MS SQL Single Instance.
    • MS SQL Server AlwaysOn Cluster.

Version (Sep 19th 2013 - planned)

- Bug fix release.

Version 0.3 (in plans)

Version 0.3 (in plans)

[Under construction...]