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Murano/ReleaseNotes v0.4

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The most important change in this version of Murano is introduction of Metadata Repository. It implements the Simplified Metadata Repository specification, thus being the first step towards the Application Catalog. Among other features are Havana and Neutron support. The complete list of changes is available here.

What's New

Introduction of Metadata Repository

The simplified version of Metadata Repository is used to store, display, group and use for deployment the metadata objects (which are currently files). Besides its role as an initial step in implementing much more feature-rich Application Catalog, it allows to manage all files needed for a Service configuration and deployment (which were previously scattered in the Dashboard and Conductor components code) from a single place. For this purpose it exposes a special API and a Web UI, where the user manage both Service packages and files they reference.

More details can be found in the aforementioned spec or in the sources themselves.

Keeping up with Openstack Havana release

We've made all the required changes in Murano to make sure it is compatible with the latest Openstack Havana release. However, not all patches required for Murano did get to Havana itself. Namely, there are 2 Heat fixes ([1] and [2]) scheduled for IceHouse release. They should be applied to vanilla Heat release lined up with Havana to make Murano work. You can find quick manual on how to do it and the patches themselves here.

Neutron and the Advanced Networking

In this release Murano supports both Nova Networking and Neutron, all that is required to switch from one to another is to change the value of parameter network_topology / NETWORK_TOPOLOGY in Conductor / Dashboard configs. Also numerous changes were made in internal networking of Conductor and services' templates to solve the problem of IP exhaustion in external network, which was actual in 0.3 due to each new environment having to create a new router. Now during the deployment of each environment Conductor tries to guess the default router and separates environments' address spaces by generating a subnet for each environment.

Bugs fixed

A complete list of bugs fixed in Murano v0.4 can be found here.

Known issues

Actual bug state can be found in Murano Launchpad page

  • Internet Information Services Web Farm & ASP.NET Application Web Farm services cannot be deployed. They rely on Heat templates which use Neutron LBaaS resource - this resource is not deployed by Fuel and it is very cumbersome and difficult operation to do it on our own. More precisely, they will be deployed if Neutron LBaaS works within Openstack Installation, but because we weren't able to verify the success of deployment (due to absence of Neutron LBaaS), it is a known issue.
  • To make MS SQL Cluster deploy, all TCP & UDP ports in range 1024-65535 are opened in its security group. This is a bit too permissive rule, so it can pose a security issue.
  • If hostname template for a service is longer than 15 symbols (there is validation of field maximum length), Heat Stack creation will fail (because it appends another 47 symbols to the final instance name). It is a known issue.