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Murano/ReleaseNotes v0.2.1

Murano v0.2.1 is a stable release of Murano with fixes for several critical issues. Check out "Bugs Fixed" and "Known Issues" for this version of Murano below.

Bugs Fixed

A complete list of bugs fixed in Murano v0.2.1 can be found here.


The actual list of requirements for Murano Release 0.2.1 can be found by the following link.

Known Issues

Actual bug state can be found in Murano Launchpad page

  • Due to current Heat limitation services that involve load-balancer creation (farms) can be deployed only by tenant administrators.
  • When Heat creates different clients for Nova, Cinder and others it doesn't pass SSL-related options to clients' constructor. If Nova is configured to have SSL endpoints and self-signed certificates Heat will fail to create instances because there is no way to disable server certificate validation as there is no "insecure" flag passed etc.
  • User can select incorrect parameters for service, like incompatible flavor and VM image or if tenant resource quota exceeded. In this case user will see the following error in the log:
Unable to deploy instance demo (demo.com_instance_0) due to Unexpected stack state NOT_FOUND
  • HTTPS connection to keystone via 'internalURL' cannot be established

This bug is already fixed in master branch of django-openstack-auth https://github.com/openstack/django_openstack_auth/commit/574e9d5f383fd8551fefcbd604e916d7bff6427c. All works fine with this patch.

  • MS SQL Server Cluster using Virtual IP Addresses at the down layer. In the current release of the OpenStack (Grizzly) this functionality does not supported from the box.

This situation could be handled in these ways:

  • For the Nova-Network there are shell scripts, could be downloaded here
  • For the Neutron there is a patch. It is already merged, however it will be available only as part of Havana release.
  • Bug with mysql data base: Murrano API can not use MySQL data base: bug (fixed in Murano Release 0.2.11)