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===Fixed Bugs===
===Fixed Bugs===
* Stabilize Core Services (bug fixing).
A complete list of fixed bugs can be found [https://bugs.launchpad.net/murano/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&field.status%3Alist=WONTFIX&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.status%3Alist=FIXRELEASED&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_commenter=&field.subscriber=&field.structural_subscriber=&field.milestone%3Alist=60161&field.tag=&field.tags_combinator=ANY&field.has_cve.used=&field.omit_dupes.used=&field.omit_dupes=on&field.affects_me.used=&field.has_patch.used=&field.has_branches.used=&field.has_branches=on&field.has_no_branches.used=&field.has_no_branches=on&field.has_blueprints.used=&field.has_blueprints=on&field.has_no_blueprints.used=&field.has_no_blueprints=on&search=Search here].
===Known Issues===
===Known Issues===

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Murano v0.2 is a second stable release of Murano. Check out "What’s New", "Improvements", "Fixed Bugs" and "Known Issues" for this version of Murano below. If interested, please see the complete list of changes in this release.

What's new

Workflow diagnostics in Murano Conductor

New tags were added to XML workflow definition language to provide more precise control over workflow execution, report various error conditions and warnings, make rules applicable only once etc. Worflow rules has got description, excessive logging have been added to have detailed execution plan of any workflow.

Dynamic UI

Dynamic UI means moving form definitions, data processing logic and texts from Python code and Django templates into separate service definitions in human-readable YAML format. Service definitions separated from Python code provide much greater flexibility in adding, modifying and removing services. The format simplicity allows non-programmers to use it: even if there are some errors in service definition, it simply won't be shown in services list (and won't crash the whole dashboard). Dynamic UI employs YAML for forms markup and YAQL (Yet Another Query Language, developed specially for Murano Workflows) for form validation and initialization logic.

Support for SSL both in REST API and RabbitMQ communications

[TODO: Add info]

Ability to select Windows image, Availability Zone and instance flavor

[TODO: Add info]

Additional Services and new Features

Murano v0.2 supports deployment of several new services: External Active Directory, MS SQL Server single instance and MS SQL Server Always On Cluster.

External Active Directory

External Active Directory - new functionality, available through enabling ExternalAD.xml workflow template in the murano-conductor service. This feature allow use most of the murano supported services with existing windows domain, preconfigured previously.

MS SQL Server

[TODO: Add info]

MS SQL Server AlwaysOn Cluster

[TODO: Add info]


Detailed documentation for writing XML Workflows

[TODO: Add info]

Improved HA for Murano Conductor

[TODO: Add info]

REST API generalization

[TODO: Add info]

Fixed Bugs

A complete list of fixed bugs can be found here.

Known Issues

Actual bug state can be found in Murano Launchpad page

  • Due to current Heat limitation services that involve load-balancer creation (farms) can be deployed only by tenant administrators.
  • When Heat creates different clients for Nova, Cinder and others it doesn't pass SSL-related options to clients' constructor. If Nova is configured to have SSL endpoints and self-signed certificates Heat will fail to create instances because there is no way to disable server certificate validation as there is no "insecure" flag passed etc.
  • Murano-Conductor doesn't work with python-heatclient>0.2.1.
  • Farm services can't be deployed without KeyPair. If KeyPair is not set load balancer won't be created. Deploy will hang up and these messages will show up in logs:
2013-08-06 09:10:07 - Unable to deploy instance ipkrmhk0vzq4b6 (asp-farm_instance_0) due to Unexpected state
2013-08-06 09:10:07 - Unable to create a Server Farm load balancer on unit ipkrmhk0vzq4b6 (asp-farm_instance_0) due to Unexpected state