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Release Date

October, 16 2014 Summary status is presented on the launchpad.

Key new features

  • Applications, based on Hot templates are now supported // blueprint
  • Credential storage for those services // blueprint
  • Additional author/supplier information // blueprint
  • Support for contacting APIs (both in-stack, like Trove, and external) in packages blueprint
  • Murano PL exception handling was totally reworked and improved // blueprint
  • Murano Command Line, provided by python-client is totally improved and support all possiable actions blueprint
  • Support of actions with deployed applications. Application author may set any action in the application definition
  • Policy-based authentication support
  • Pagination is now supported by Application Catalog UI

Known Issues

Bug Possible solution
Environments, that hanged up during deployment can't be deleted Remove information about this invironment in database
Localisation is not supported by dymanic UI Use latin transcription
Dashboard gets down when Murano API service is not running Check murano-api is running, it's port and check, that MURANO_API_URL is present in the horizon settings
Deployment on unsupported image finished successfully Logs on the virtual machine should be checked for the real error.


Upgrade Notes


  • Murano-API and Murano-Engine service are now in a single repository
  • Murano-Metadata API is included to the Murano-API and repository for that service is not supported anymore

Config file upgrade

  • Sample config file was renamed from *murano-api.conf.example* to *murano.conf*.
  • Now it generates automatically with a special OpenStack tool
  • In new version Murano agent could be disabled with *disable_murano_agent* parameter.
  • New parameters in [networking] section provide opportunity to set up automatic router creation and network configuration.
  • New [rabbitmq] section is used by engine service and should contain similar configuration to a in default Rabbit MQ parameters.
  • New [stats] section provides opportunity to manage statistic collection.

Code quality

  • Unit and integration tests of all Murano components were totally reworked and extended, infrastructure for them was updated.

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