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Dynamic UI Definition Manual

The main purpose of Dynamic UI is to generate application creation forms "on-the-fly". Murano dashboard doesn't know anything about what applications can be deployed and witch web form need to be used to create application instance. So all application definitions should contain yaml file which will tell dashboard now to create application and what validation to be apply. This document will help you to compose valid UI definition to your application.


UI definition should be a valid yaml file and should contain the following sections (for version 2):

  • Version - points out to which syntax version is used
  • Templates - auxiliary section, using togeher with Apllication
  • Application - object model description which will be used in application deployment
  • Forms - web forms defenitions


Version of supported dynamic UI syntax

Application and Templates

In Application section "application object model" is described. This model will be translated into json and according to it application will be deployed. Application section should contains three keys (that is murano-engine requirement):

  • "?" - so murano-engine will understand that it's a system part of the model.

On the top level the following keys that describe application itself should be used:


  1. Application:
  2. ?:
  3. type: com.mirantis.murano.services.windows.activeDirectory.ActiveDirectory
  4. name: $.serviceConfiguration.name
  5. primaryController:
  6.  ?:
  7. type: com.mirantis.murano.services.windows.activeDirectory.PrimaryController
  8. host: $host
  9. secondaryControllers: repeat($secondaryController, 2, $.serviceConfiguration.dcInstances + 1)

Here you can pick parameters you got from user (they should be described in the Forms section) and pick the right place where they should be set . To do this part of YAQL is used:

  • way of setting variables ($ as the first symbol)
  • repeat function
  • interpolate functions


supported types

'string': fields.CharField,

   'boolean': fields.BooleanField,
   'clusterip': fields.ClusterIPField,
   'domain': fields.DomainChoiceField,
   'password': fields.PasswordField,
   'integer': fields.IntegerField,
   'databaselist': fields.DatabaseListField,
   'table': fields.TableField,
   'flavor': fields.FlavorChoiceField,
   'keypair': fields.KeyPairChoiceField,
   'image': fields.ImageChoiceField,
   'azone': fields.AZoneChoiceField,
   'text': (fields.CharField, forms.Textarea),
   'floatingip': fields.FloatingIpBooleanField,