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Murano Project introduces an application catalog, which allows application developers and cloud administrators to publish various cloud-ready applications in a browsable categorized catalog, which may be used by the cloud users (including the inexperienced ones) to pick-up the needed applications and services and composes the reliable environments out of them in a “push-the-button” manner. The key goal is to provide UI and API which allows to compose and deploy composite environments on the Application abstraction level and then manage their lifecycle. The Service should be able to orchestrate complex circular dependent cases in order to setup complete environments with many dependant applications and services. However, the actual deployment itself will be done by the existing software orchestration tools (such as Heat), while the Murano project will become an integration point for various applications and services.

The current stable version of Murano is v0.5. For more information, please refer to the Murano v0.5 Release Notes.

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