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  • Monitors OpenStack infrastructure and resources
    • monitors both OpenStack infrastructure and its resources (e.g., VMs) so that another monitoring tool may not be needed.
    • monitors OpenStack CRUD operations using StackTach
    • (notion of host, applications, grouping)
  • Can Scale
    • to hundreds of thousands of servers, metrics, alarms
  • Allows user-defined metric and alarm creation
    • Where a user is system administrator of the cloud, or a cloud consumer
    • Allows metrics and alarms to be defined on a group of resources (e.g., host aggregates, availability zones)
  • Multi-tenant, multi-cloud, multiple deployment models
    • can process metrics from multiple clouds, tenants, and users
    • works in multiple deployment models
      • single private cloud (e.g., 10 nodes)
      • multiple private clouds
      • private and public cloud (hybrid)
  • Has an HTTP based extensible API
    • for metrics, alarm creation, metric collection.
  • Can monitor OpenStack projects
  • Authentication
    • Authenticates with keystone. May also authenticate with other backends (e.g., CloudFoundry, Open LDAP, AWS)
  • Provides a pluggable messaging system
  • Provides a pluggable backend store
    • e.g., vertica, influx DB, Cassandra, MySQL
  • A monitoring dashboard
    • using Grafana
  • Built using python and open source tools