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Migration to Monasca from Ceilometer

This page is a Work in Progress.

With many changes in the Telemetry project, there has been a lot of interest in using Monasca as the monitoring and metrics service in OpenStack. (ref Train PTG notes)

The Monasca and Telemetry projects have both been official OpenStack projects for many years, with some overlap and some complementary features. With Monasca, it is possible to have the functionality to monitor, meter, alarm, gather logs, and soon to track Events in your OpenStack installation.

Comparison of Features

(to be filled in. level of detail a question, but might be nice to have a table listing the options across the top, Ceilometer/Gnocchi, Ceilometer publishing to Monasca, Monasca only)

Considerations for Migration

(to be filled in. Likely need to point out that Events are not fully supported yet)

Supported Use Cases

  • User wishes to gather monitoring information from their compute nodes (and VMs or Containers)
  • User wishes to gather metering data from their compute nodes for Billing purposes
  • User wishes to visualize their monitoring data (in Grafana)
  • User wishes to export their metering data to CloudKitty for billing
  • User wishes to export their metering data to another billing system (up to them to check on compatibility, but many support Monasca)
  • User wishes to use monitoring data for auto-scaling or self-healing features (Vitrage, Heat, Watcher, etc)