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Different types of tests

On Mistral project we have two separate test suites:

  • Unit tests - executed by Jenkins CI job in OpenStack gerrit (python-style checks and execution of all unit tests)
  • Integration tests - executed by Devstack Gate job in OpenStack gerrit (integration tests for Mistral after the OpenStack deployment with devstack)

Where we can find automated tests



How to execute tests manually

Almost all existing automated tests can be executed manually on the developer's desktop (except those which check OpenStack actions). To do this you should clone mistral repository (or python-mistralclient) and perform the following shell commands:

git clone https://github.com/stackforge/mistral
cd mistral

Unit tests

To run unit tests suite


Integration tests

There are several test suites of intergation tests in both repositories: Mistral:

  • mistral/tests/functional/api/v1/test_mistral_basic.py - contains tests which check Mistral API v1 (workbooks, executions, tasks endpoints)
  • mistral/tests/functional/api/v1/test_workflow_execution.py - contains tests which check execution of standard scenarios, task results and dependencies in v1
  • mistral/tests/functional/api/v2/test_mistral_basic.py - contains tests which check Mistral API v2 (workbooks, workflows, executions, tasks, actions endpoints)
  • mistral/tests/functional/engine/actions - contains tests which check Mistral integration with OpenStack components (Nova, Glance, Keystone)


  • mistralclient/tests/functional/cli/ - contains test suites for v1 and v1 which check interaction with Mistral using CLI
  • mistralclient/tests/functional/client/ - contains test suites which check integration and interaction of Mistral client and API

To run integration test suite:

  • in OpenStack mode (when auth in Mistral is enabled and Mistral integrates with OpenStack components)
pip install git+http://github.com/openstack/tempest.git
nosetests <mistral or mistralclient>/tests/functional
  • in Non-OpenStack mode:
# set auth_enable=false in the mistral.conf
# restart Mistral server
# execute: ./run_functional_tests