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Meteos 2.0 | Release 1 | TFiO

TensorFlow In Openstack ( TFiO )

As part of first release in revised Meteos 2.0 architecture, we are introducing support for TensorFlow, hence the name TFiO ( TensorFlow In Openstack ). Following the new architecture, support will be added to train & deploy TensorFlow models. Other ML technologies like PyTorch, Spark, SciKit Learn etc will be added in future releases and is part of roadmap.

Following are the highlevel flows of training & deploying tensor flow models using Meteos 2.0

Meteos Training Infrastructure

Tf training infra.png

Meteos Deploy Infrastructure

Tf deploy infra.png

Meteos Model Create Infrastructure

Tf model create flow.png

Meteos Model Deploy Infrastructure

Tf model deploy flow.png