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During the Kilo cycle the Mistral Workbook Builder UI (WB) was implemented using the dynamic DOM provided by Angular.js bindings and Bootstrap3-powered markup built on top of Barricade.js (https://github.com/rackerlabs/barricade) data model accompanied by a comprehensive suite of unit-tests - both for Merlin core functionality and for WB-specific logic (see how it looks here https://openstack.invisionapp.com/d/main#/projects/2059636).

Further plans include both:

  • Improving WB functionality
    • add more validations and more interactivity to the fields
    • enable graph view in addition to the YAML view
    • make YAML view more interactive in terms of connection with forms view
  • Integrating with HOTBuilder (https://github.com/rackerlabs/hotbuilder)