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Mistral’s Workbook is a graph of Tasks, where each Task is an instance of Action - i.e. an Action with configured values of its parameters. Actions in turn are inherited from base Actions, adding their own parameters and filling all necessary base-parameters. Namespace is a group of Actions, that share the same values for some base parameters.

These relations could be expressed with two types of node entities - Action and Task, and two types of links - is_a (relation between Task and Action) and extends (relation between base Action and current Action). Upon extending an Action user is able to specify new parameters in a form; the parameters’ values of a Task instantiated from an Action can also be specified in a form. Third type of link - goes - is used to connect separate Tasks (depends also can be used, but in future this one will be deprecated), connecting them into the graph. Finally, fourth type of link - is_included_in - this is needed for sharing base-parameters of Namespace and Action.