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Long Term Mentoring Program- Mentee’s Guide

Responsibilities in the Mentoring Relationship:

  • Take the initiative (i.e. schedule meetings, set agenda)
  • Be respectful of your Mentor’s time
  • Be flexible around meeting times
  • Understand your Mentor’s time commitment
  • Come prepared to meetings
  • Set personal goals and discuss them with your mentor
  • Be honest, realistic and clear about your expectations
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Ask questions and listen to answers with an open mind
  • Commit and take action on suggestions and recommendations
  • Ask for feedback

Activities to Consider:

  • Plan to meet with your Mentor at OpenStack Meetups, Summits, Mid-cycles!
  • Volunteer for a community project that lends itself to the development of the identified skill (i.e. project management, effective meeting skills).
  • Become familiar with published models designed to increase career effectiveness (e.g., situational leadership, conflict resolution, management task cycle, wheel of influence, etc.).
  • Try Toastmasters for developing presentation skills.
  • Have lunch with others who have similar skill interests/experience.
  • Read the same book as your Mentor, share learning and application ideas.
  • Agree to join in some mutually interesting activity with your Mentor.