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Hardware Based Virtual NICs (SR-IOV) can be achieved in the following ways

  • Direct Interface (Para-virtualized)
  • PCI Device (hostdev).

Direct Interface

Assigning vNIC via Direct Interface is achieved by using libvirt direct interface.
The direct interface device name assigned a logical name that is derived from the VIF UUID (neutron port ID).
This allows support for VM live migration.
The VIF Driver is using vnic_type = 'direct' and using the Eswitch control utility to plug/unplug the VIF

Physical network

In order to configure the vnic the VIF Driver use the value of 'physical_network' which is passed to the VIF driver using the Quantum v2 API from the plugin

PCI Device(hostdev)

See Roadmap


First phase is to support Ethernet Direct Interface.
Next phases will include hostdev support and Infiniband support.