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Mellanox ML2 Mechanism Driver implements the ML2 Plugin Mechanism Driver API.

This page is deprecated. Please refer to Mellanox-Neutron-Kilo-InfiniBand

This driver supports Mellanox embedded switch functionality as part of the InfiniBand HCA. Mellanox ML2 Mechanism Driver provides functional parity with Mellanox Neutron plugin.

Mellanox ML2 Mechanism Driver supports DIRECT (pci passthrough) vnic type. For vnic type configuration API details, please refer to configuration reference guide. Hardware vNICs mapped to the guest VMs allow higher performance and advanced features such as RDMA (remote direct memory access).

The driver supports VLAN network type to facilitate virtual networks on InfiniBand fabrics.

  • Mellanox OpenStack Neutron Agent (L2 Agent) runs on each compute node.
  • Agent should apply VIF connectivity based on mapping between a VIF (VM vNIC) and Embedded Switch port.


  • All nodes equipped with Mellanox ConnectX®-3/Mellanox ConnectX®-3 PRO Network Adapter
  • Mellanox OFED 2.4 or greater installed on all nodes. Please refer to Mellanox website for the latest OFED

For Kilo release Information refer to the relevant OS as follows: