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Melange is intended to provide network information services for use across OpenStack services. The initial focus will be on IP address management (IPAM) and DHCP functionality. Melange is intended to be a standalone service with it's own API. However, the initial use case will be to decouple existing IP management and dns_masq functionality from Nova and support the existing Nova networking functionality.

Longer term, Melange will evolve to integrate with other OpenStack services, particularly the Quantum service (virtual network segments) and Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS).

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IP addresses are an important resource for a cloud provider to manage, and providers will need flexibility in how addresses are assigned to VMs and other networking-related services (e.g., load balancing devices). The existing IP association mechanism is tightly coupled to Nova's network provisioning mechanism, including a networking host that provides NAT and may not work well with a providers network design. Additionally, customers may want to assigned their own addresses, for example, isolated tenant networks that use RFC 1918 space or have a VPN to a network at a remote site).

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