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Diskimage Builder

This is the bi-weekly meeting for those interested in Diskimage Builder. For logs, ICS file, etc see [1]

Next Meeting Dates

Meetings are held in #openstack-meeting

Meetings alternate between 20:00 and 15:00 UTC

Agenda for next meeting

Please edit this page to add items to the next meeting agenda.

  • TBD

Long Term Topics

There are a couple of long term topics we should / want to discuss. They can be discussed when the daily business topics are done.

  • UEFI boot: the never ending story. How to cope with the situation here? (andreas-f)
  • Refactoring of elements: having a new structure for at least Ubuntu and Debian specific elements. Currently there is a lot duplication. (andreas-f)
  • *-nano elements for minimalist docker images? (andreas-f)
  • Cleanup patches? (currently about 110 open) (andreas-f)
  • DIB vs. bindep vs. instack vs. *-puppet: Functional overlap. Is there the need to support them all? Can we possible merge some of them? (andreas-f)
  • Local vs. CI testing: (docker / vm) matrix build. Double work or step forward? (andreas-f)
  • python vs. bash: should we start refactoring bash code in python (maybe reusing the instack approach)? (andreas-f)
  • (python) replacement of dib-run-parts? (andreas-f)
  • Internal vs. external caching: there is *some* code that (tries) to handle caching. Is this still worth it in times of squid / apt-cacher-ng? (andreas-f)
  • DIB 3.0: feature list