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* L3 Refactoring [https://review.openstack.org/145219 Review 145219] (dependency on router class creation)
* L3 Refactoring [https://review.openstack.org/145219 Review 145219] (dependency on router class creation)
== Open Discussion ===
== Open Discussion ==
== Charter ==
== Charter ==

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  • Weekly on Tuesdays at 1500 UTC
  • IRC channel: #openstack-meeting-4
  • Chair: Paul Michali (pc_m)

Logs and Minutes

Meetings, with their notes and logs, will be found under http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/vpnaas/


Updated January 27th, 2015


  • K-2 is February 5th.
  • Work started to set up Functional gate for neutron-vpnaas repo.Bug 1412770 Review 148616.
  • Separating out functional tests from all reviews in-flight, so that functional tests can be reviewed, once gate set up.
  • Did see some reviews abandoned due to inactivity.
  • Please review open bugs and blueprints.


Current bugs: VPNaaS bugs

Open Discussion


VPNaaS Team Charter

Meeting Commands

/join #openstack-meeting-4
#startmeeting vpnaas
#topic Announcements